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Minecraft Factions Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 WinterSMP | EarthSMP


WinterSMP is a geopolitical sandbox server for Minecraft. Create your own town or nation and claim land or even join a town or nation and conquer the earth map! We update the server with custom addons all the time giving you lots of extra things to do plus we already have lots of custom gameplay m

0/0 offline
2 SkyLad MC Network


- Semi Vanilla Survival - Friendly Community - Grief Prevention - Custom Enchants - Economy - 24/7

0/20 online
3 Player's Assembly - SMP Factions


A Community SMP Factions Server. Operating Since 2012.

0/0 offline
4 Eroded Factions

0/0 offline
5 Six Factions


A multi-gamemode server with Factions, Bedwars, and Hunger Games, with much more planned! Come check us out!

0/100 online
6 Unicraft


Unicraft is a unique Factions, Raiding, Survival, PvP and Economy based server which is Java based but with Bedrock/Mobile/Console connectivity

3/5000 online
7 The Ebon Forest



0/0 offline
8 Same Teem


0/1000 online


관리자 모집중 >> https://auz.kr/applink <

0/0 offline
10 WebboMC


WebboMC Networo is a variety of servers offering different game modes to broaden your experience and enjoyment! We currently off Skyblock and Survivial both with a little twist due to the plugins used on them!

0/0 offline
11 Arctis Kingdoms


A new way to experience factions with Kingdoms, collectible spells, group dungeons and more excitement!

0/25 online
12 CrosisFilms Inc. SMP


DISCORD: https://discord.gg/qdnX9PE

0/0 offline
13 Death Itself Alpha 1.3.2


Looking for any and all members that want to be involved in a thriving community. This is an RL Craft server looking to expand the modpack into a vibrant survival RPG. Early stages of development so come along for the ride!

0/50 online
14 Verona SMP


Set during the time of Ancient Rome, we currently offer a wide selection of fun (40+ plugins) ranging from player shops, an economy ($$$), jobs, mcmmo, plots, loot crates, factions, pvp, a welcoming community, tons of minigames, and more!

4/20 online
15 World Divided


Cold War Server with Mods!

0/0 online