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Minecraft Survival Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
1 Skynerd Network


Survival | Bedwars | TNT Games | The Bridge

0/2020 online
2 DreamCraft [1.16.5]


DreamCraft - A chill survival experience.

0/100 online
3 WinterSMP | EarthSMP


WinterSMP is a geopolitical sandbox server for Minecraft. Create your own town or nation and claim land or even join a town or nation and conquer the earth map! We update the server with custom addons all the time giving you lots of extra things to do plus we already have lots of custom gameplay m

0/0 offline
4 Survival Minecraft


0/69 online
5 Freedom Survival


Freedom Survival is a new survival towny server with an amazing friendly community ready to welcome you to have a good time.

0/100 online
6 SkyLad MC Network


- Semi Vanilla Survival - Friendly Community - Grief Prevention - Custom Enchants - Economy - 24/7

0/20 online
7 Player's Assembly - SMP Factions


A Community SMP Factions Server. Operating Since 2012.

0/0 offline
8 Settlement Survival


Co-op themed survival server.

0/0 offline
9 RubinMC Serwer Survival BedWars

BedWars | Duels | Chowany | CSGO | Survival | Działki | CaseOpening | Parkour

5/250 online
10 Toxicpalace Network


German Java Minecraft Server with Feature Voting and Events!

0/0 offline
11 DaBlockMC Network


New, top-tier Minigames server featuring OneBlock!

0/0 offline
12 Survpie


0/0 offline
13 Unicraft


Unicraft is a unique Factions, Raiding, Survival, PvP and Economy based server which is Java based but with Bedrock/Mobile/Console connectivity

3/5000 online
14 The Ebon Forest



0/0 offline
15 SkittleMC


SkittleMC is a unique survival server that you won't find anywhere else!

0/0 offline
16 Meloncraft


​Survival • ​Server Version: 1.16.4 • ​24/7 Uptime • ​Active Staff • Anti-Grief • ​Economy • ​Land Claims • ​mcMMO • ​Custom Enchants •

0/0 online
17 CrimsonLands


Join mc.CrimsonLands.gq today to build your island up or compete with others!

0/0 offline
18 OresMC


A anarchy network with many gamemodes and a welcoming community.

0/0 offline
19 WebboMC


WebboMC Networo is a variety of servers offering different game modes to broaden your experience and enjoyment! We currently off Skyblock and Survivial both with a little twist due to the plugins used on them!

0/0 offline
20 Arctis Kingdoms


A new way to experience factions with Kingdoms, collectible spells, group dungeons and more excitement!

0/25 online
21 CookieSMP


Staff Applications :D https://forms.gle/JYyKpv3hw31mhNaJ6

0/0 online
22 FYNIO - Nordic Gaming


0/4096 online
23 Hardcore Essence


Hardcore Essence is a server dedicated to hardcore multiplayer survival! The server is set to the hardest difficulty and there is a 24HR death ban! You start with nothing so make the best of your situation! Keep in mind PVP & Griefing are allowed. Do you have what it takes to make a name?

0/50 online
24 Inspirs Server

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0/20 online
25 TheForsaken


Bedrock & Java Non-toxic casual SMP Latest Version 1.17.1 - MUST JOIN DISCORD SERVER TO BE WHITELISTED!

0/0 online